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Joan Chen: "Nuclear high-based" special to be drying faster

June 16 at 4:00 p.m., in charge of China's software industry more than 20 years of "old Justice", is now president of the China Software Industry Association of Chen Chong guest Sina, on the development of software-related topics including exchange. Joan Chen said, the state enacted the "nuclear high base" of major projects, should be "drying faster."

Nuclear high base is the "core of electronic devices, high-end general chips and basic software products," short for major science and technology projects.

Thirteenth Soft Expo China in Beijing last week just ended, June 18 (week 4), seventh in China held in Dalian Software Fair in turn. In order for the majority of users to better understand the Chinese software industry for so many years of development, Sina technology software industry experts invited guest Sina, talked about different aspects of China's software industry development gains and losses.

Joan began in 1984 in charge of China's software industry, claiming to be "the first Chinese civil service management software industry," starting from the Commissioner, has been the Secretaries of retirement, now he served as chairman of the Chinese Software Industry Association.

Guest Introduction:

Joan Chen, April 22, 1944 was born in September 1967 physics graduate of Peking University, professorial senior engineers, from 1967 to 1970 basic training, from 1970 to 1975 Anshan, Liaoning red tractor factory technicians, from 1975 to 1988 E 6 Institute of the Ministry of Industry, Senior Engineer, from 1985 to 1988 Bureau of Ministry of Electronics Industry Computer Software Engineering Director, from 1988 to 1993 machinery and electronics industry computer software, the Director of the Division, from 1993 to 1998 Ministry of Electronics Industry Computer Division Deputy Director, from 1998 to 2002, Electronic Information Products Division Deputy Director, from 2002 to May 2004, Electronic Information Products Division is the Division level inspector, in May 2004 has served the software industry in China Association. Mr. Chen Chong has been committed to guide and promote the development of China's software industry.

Wonderful view:

I am from the 1984 pipe, you can also say this, China's management software industry, the civil service is my first, I was in 1984 transferred to the National Computer Bureau, as Director of Software Engineering Department. So, in 90 years ago, people called me "Mr Director", 90 years later called "Chen Division."

Since 2000, (China's software industry) are more than 30% annual growth last year reached 757.3 billion, an increase of 10 times, this growth rate is very, very fast.

Technically, at that time (90 years) We also made our own operating system, and with our machines, but also made some applications, but life is relatively short. Why? Technology constantly updated, it can not keep up, so from that time industrialization it is very very important.

The highest leadership said, if you will not come out more favorable policies, or to perform in accordance with document 18. I have been involved in the formulation of 18 documents, I do not want this on the 18th file is always so, this policy is to nurture and strengthen our software industry.

Terms from the application level, we narrowed the gap is growing, but the software is a very special industry, if you want to do strong, you must use your basic techniques, there is no basis for product development is not up.

Particularly wants the state to carry out more effectively support the flowers to the place should be spent. I own management software for so many years, to so much money I am very excited with the now fashionable words not bad money, the key difference is that you have the ability to market to do down.

(For nuclear high-yl) We emphasize that one must be quick-drying.

Record the following text for the interview:

Moderator Niu Li Xiong: you friends, I'm SAN cattle Lixiong. The two major annual event in the software industry - Soft Fair and soft intersection with news of recent, we know that soft Expo just over four soft Fair this week should be held in Dalian. In order to better understand the majority of users the software industry for so many years of development, we have invited a very authoritative in the software industry guests, he is in charge of our country for many years the software industry, Joan Chen Director, Mr Director is now retired served as chairman of China Software Industry Association, Mr Secretary, you are welcome.

Joan Chen: Members friends Hello everybody, I am glad to meet with you.

Director of China's software industry veteran of 20 years witnessed the development of

Moderator: Joan Although retired, the China Software Industry Association as the chairman, but many in the software industry who met with you, also are used to call you "Mr Secretary," because you can say for many years has witnessed China's software industry development. Division began to call upon us to recall Chen, I remember you from the very beginning of control software is the Director of the beginning of it.

Joan Chen: Actually, I am from the 1984 pipe, you can also say this, China's management software industry, the civil service is my first, I was in 1984 transferred to the National Computer Bureau, as Director of Software Engineering Department. So, in 90 years ago, people call me "Mr Director", 90 years later called "Chen Division" because the industry we all Jiaoshu.

Moderator: Then is this not also accompanied by the software industry because of expansion of the scale, our office was later upgraded to a Division?

Joan Chen: As the software industry, software industry's role in all growing. So, start the computer we call the Secretary, the software accounts for a large proportion, so the time for me as a deputy director, I was one management software. Second, the management software application. Applications at that time called some of the software and some hardware, hardware and software I have control, then called the Director. Secretary or to set up a recent Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was the first real set up a software services division, which is the dream, but I have retired.

Moderator: You retired, but you are still inside as the trade association has done a lot of contributions. Chen Division, remember the time or the Department, when the national software industry is what kind of situation?

Joan Chen: I am I start from the beginning, in fact, the development of China's software technology is not late 60's, 70's, we have done a lot of work. Because at that time the software is dependent on the hardware, basically on the computer software is that the Secretary, the beginning of the software has no independent existence, the early 80s when, in particular the development of microcomputers, such as the United States of Microsoft's DOS, such as in software products out only after becoming an industry, we lag a little bit country, 84 years before, when our country was established as the software industry, to manage the software industry in the design of a software engineering office. Why is called the Software Engineering Department at that time? Because not from the hardware and software combination works, but also the software industry, then in fact we started to develop.

But in 80 years time, mainly as a technology, after the establishment of the Department has done three events. Because this is a knowledge product, emphasizing intellectual property protection, was to develop software protection regulations on many occasions, this is a. Second, because the former are engaged in software technology, has been the industrialization of the then international, and that time stressed the need to develop our own domestic software products. Third, the time has also been realized to develop software, to have our own base, was also been put forward to build our own software environment. Since then we embarked on gradually on the road of industrialization, this road is hard, after all, developed rapidly abroad, we have gradually evolved to slow some. In particular, to the gap between the early 90s, the gap is mainly the product, commercialization, because it is an industry, technically speaking, when we made our own operating system, and with our The machine also did some applications, but life is relatively short. Why? Technology constantly updated, it can not keep up, so from that time industrialization it is very very important.

18 essential text on the software industry

Moderator: We all know that the software industry, see the official statistics showed that since 2000 we entered a very rapid growth, there is not some background on edge inside?

Joan Chen: This is very important. To 90 years later, when we went to 90's, low production value is very low. Where the reasons? Was found competent government leadership, the main is not our technology can not keep up that was in industrialization can not keep up in a timely manner can not be up to date. So, at this time, from the 90's, we would encourage the software industry a number of policy research, from the protection of intellectual property, technological innovation, product industrialization, has been and to tax, capital, capital. So, after many years of training, finally enacted in 2000, document No. 18. 2000, we all know that our software value is 56 billion in 2000 compared to 1999 almost doubled. Why do you say that? In June 2000 after the paper issued on the 18th, for our software industry has created a very good environment. Therefore, the policy environment on the development of the industry is very, very critical, precisely because of the support document No. 18, that encourage us to innovate, to encourage us to integrate, to encourage tax, etc., give us some good policy. Therefore, since 2000, every year more than 30% growth last year reached 757.3 billion, an increase of 10 times, this growth rate is very, very fast.

Moderator: In the show, many government leaders, regardless of Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science, Industry and Information Ministry have expressed a high degree of growth in the software industry, joy, also placed high hopes. We talk to the new article 18 in tax benefits, why the 18th article of the software industry to promote particularly large?

Joan Chen: Why 18 particularly large role in promoting culture? Because we want to encourage software companies technical input, input is very important. Secondly, I want to encourage software companies to nurture talent. Two in our 18 document reflects very, very good. I give it tax breaks, concessions are not casual use, offer for it? For new product development for services for manpower training. Therefore, training of personnel expenditures to the taxes could be included in the expenditures. This point, given to a very vital place.

In addition, the government investment in key technologies have also made a larger investment. Some time ago, the main input in the basic multi-application platform. This time, why do we insist on the soft Expo done? Soft Expo in fact reflect the words of Premier Wen Jiabao, the financial crisis we must have faith, which we show some of the domestic software industry's current situation our own products, we own the hardware, including the industrial chain, because inside there are many alliances. Therefore, this software will ultimately sentence, on the 18th article of our software industry has played a very, very big direction and support the evolving role. Therefore, we are very grateful to 18 documents, but also because of the 18th file, our software industry, enterprises stand to the height, because each company has its own interests, want to consider their own development, but more importantly, saw my interest in the industry to build a good foundation. We all know that the pot has the bowl only. In fact the Government to do is to bring us to Guo Lifang things, with the words we are now, everyone wants a bigger cake, since we have a bigger sub. About 18 file can not just pay more attention to technology research, 18 documents not only pay attention to technology, but also pay attention to the industry. I now use the words of the software development industry words: Innovation, Integration. Innovation, including technological innovation, including new business model innovation. Fusion is for us to form a chain, with the words of fashionable now, we integrated into an industrial chain, integrated, and users together to serve the user better. So, this is a service concept. We do not want to say that the Chinese people and the concept of difference, in fact, we speak of integration, in effect, embodies the concept of service, more stylish with the words, the embodiment of our integrated innovation, integrated innovation, the development of the software industry is very important. The reason why the rapid development, and our efforts are inseparable, but more importantly we should have a good environment, the environment, the development of our software industry is very, very big role. Therefore, the software industry are very great importance to our government to create an environment, we now want the financial crisis, we have to carefully deal with the crisis in the demand machine. The soft-Bo is for everyone to increase confidence at the meeting.

New article 18 reasons for the delay in release

Moderator: That is such an important article on the 18th, so the first two years at the National People's Congress deputies, many IT industry has put forward, hoping to extend this 18 article, because we know that this requirement is 2010, and now see also to the concerted efforts of various ministries, to maintain the same or more favorable offer, this should be more reassuring. Now many in the industry do not understand why the text of the extension 18 is such a complicated project, has been calling for so many years, now in 2009, and has not come out.

Joan Chen: The reasons here are two aspects of our industry, is itself a problem. How is the industry's problems? Because the software industry is constantly expanding in an industry that is my field, I continue to develop product form, the first time we are providing technology to the user, not an industry is gradually providing a product, products and technology of course is mine. We talked about the progressive development of more and more is to provide the system, there are products that I have all the products, and now we all know that not only have to provide service delivery systems. For new areas, service is important because the software industry and all walks of life is gradually becoming more integration. We say, do not lift yourself too high, I said I did not have to lift themselves too high. Why? Because society is gradually moving toward an information society. Previous information systems people how to do it, and I as you made a information system, this information system you understand more things, no longer do so in the future, for new business, new planning, that is, Software undertaking new fields, and the new field not only my new area is to gradually improve its user products, it's business. This case, so the product is not enough enough incentives, how to support? Is my policy because the original is very specific and also very effective, so be careful when changing. It is necessary to take into account the momentum of the original development, not all has changed, then the original mass would be affected. Have to take care of the original, but also highlight the new. In this case, the new revisions is very complex. Therefore, the highest leadership said, if you will not come out more favorable policies, or to perform in accordance with document 18. I have been involved in the formulation of 18 documents, I do not want this on the 18th file is always so, as things continue to develop, I also hope to develop, but one truth is constant, this policy is to nurture and strengthen our software industry.

Why do I talk about the Bible? Stressed at the outset, or to develop software industry bigger, because our market is enormous, and now can not fully meet the domestic needs. In addition, we do strongly. At this point, the development of new policies is crucial for us.

Secondly, the software industry to this extent, want to give it offers, the industry is also a discussion on the subject of all. I say, if you do not give a traditional part of the concession can still rolling. However, the new part must give privileges, I always wanted to offer, and the vitality of the software industry is always a new part. So, I say a few words on the software business: the first sentence, beginning users when using my software without me, mean I wholeheartedly for you. The second sentence, should I. I serve you well, can not forget I'll give you sweep the table, I also give you service you provide, that is, that I, by constantly upgrading our technology development. I have to be strong, the strength of the current gap between us and the international or larger, or dominant force in the international community. In the present circumstances, can in some newly emerging field, led us to carry out. Leading that too arrogant, and in fact is to increase my voice. The Expo is also the embodiment of soft we have the right to speak, the key has the right to speak does not work, to speak. How to speak? Should be beneficial to our software stronger. But not for me stronger and stronger, but for industrial development, in order to shape the industry. Many people are willing to talk software is service, I said it translated well, because the software that is good service, software and services can not be equated, the software is first-class technology, products, systems, and customer contact time, but is a service. So, I spoke in front of a word, no I looked outside, but in essence have my. Development of software industry, the current document is still very critical, 18, is critical, and we hope that the critical moment in the development, continue to support the software. I do not want to be unfair inside various industries, but to see the software industry's development in all walks of life are the preferential policies play important supporting role. Because without me, are the products for other industries to upgrade and manage updates. Say a harsh word, I can not say that my century-old software industry is, immortal. May develop to a certain extent, I might to a certain industry in integration, they divided. No matter how divided, after all, a software technology, software technology, after all, through products, systems, is a complete chain, and industry together, it is very important.

Moderator: Mr Secretary was saying that we must have a new text of 18 preferential policies for software industry, one important reason is the software industry needs to develop not only their own industry, and its many other industries can improve their efficiency. China's software industry in the development process, starting from 60,70's already there, made many accomplishments over the years, state investment is particularly large, Chen Division to your observation, we have the technical, the birthplace of the United States, compared with the gap between How much?

Joan Chen: From the application level is concerned, we narrowed the gap is growing, but the software is a very special industry, the core technology for its master, and if you do not make it bigger, you are based, I do not speak core technology, since each part has a core technology, the most basic technical terms, you will always encounter. If you want to do strong, you must use your basic techniques, there is no basis for product development is not up. In fact, our country has been in the lead, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology set up, in fact two aspects to guide you in the other industries in the shrinking case, a separate software to set up a Division, showing the software in the Industry and Information Technology the importance of integration among the process. This is the first. Second, in the middle of the process of integration can be seen side of the role of the software here. In this case, the software continually advance and improve ourselves is very, very important, and upgrade their technology to solve some things. I spoke in front of a hint, technically speaking, we have done before the operating system, did the database, our operating systems are used in the military for many years, the key is to continuously upgrade the products of its technology, continuously integration in, continues to develop its series of things that we can not do. Now we have this ability, so countries on the basis of proposed nuclear high base software, infrastructure software is actually stronger must be the. Why do strong? Software industry is actually a chain, there must be technology, products, systems, services, in the inside I want to strengthen the right to speak, not to say that I want to overthrow the basis of software inside Microsoft, who put down, but inside in the base software, if people card me, I have my technique, to meet the needs of my application, I am not in the basic software and others, but one for my services to enhance the entire industry, so they need to do supporting industrial base is a basis for industrial integration.

Ministry of Information Industry and the integration time, in the process of integration of industry and information technology among the current situation needs some operating systems, which we now bear the brunt of these products, you should immediately go to someone else, is very unfavorable to us. Why? Because we are a manufacturing country, a lot of products out of the cottage, because China can produce all the components, but software in leaving a shortfall of one, do not ride up, Lack? Operating system. Operating system on the Industry and Information Technology integration is particularly important, so do our country strong, then the crisis in the manufacturing industry to break through to create our own brands, we must master this technology. The process of integration among the technology is very important. Therefore, to act as a country to invest. More important countries have seen us these companies already have these conditions, in front of me talked about a few years ago we would have R & D capability, the soft-Bo at the basic software also features a number of Caozuojitong, including the database, including Zhong Jian parts, gives us increased confidence in the software industry to do this is strong need to grasp.

"Nuclear high base" should learn from the 80's basic software failures

Moderator: State the major projects of nuclear high base should be said that many of the software industry, including many non-software industry, Chinese people are impressed. We are in the 80's, developing countries had invested heavily in infrastructure software, but which wave without success. Our new major projects in nuclear high base what lessons should be learned?

Joan Chen: The last two lessons. One lesson is that when we study it as a technology, so the study of continuous product has not done enough. I can tell you, now you do Linux, we had late 80s, early 90s, we do the operating system and it is also the same, but because our government put less, add up to a total of 20 million was only a Therefore, little follow-up study. Fewer follow-up study is the most deadly, so out of respect to follow-up and industrial integration, product integration, and this point is lacking. So, for us this lesson is very, very big.

The second lesson, in the middle of doing it, there must be a number I called killer Ye Hao, key technology or, in order, and others are competitors. Otherwise, one outside the most basic changes, outside all useless, all useless application software, so basic software and application software integration is also important. This combination is not empty talk will combine the efforts of our past few years, our business with this condition. Inside the system that I use the Microsoft operating system can use what I now order from your constraints, I can not get one, what I need what you can, so I applied field point is not restricted. Previously not, why? Because my application level is not high, you have to follow a change I change, change not to remove, and to do everything over again. That was the power of our industry or not, the power industry, including the number of our industry. , The Frontier some 鏃堕棿 we are always kept two, one is to grasp business process model, why corporations in the quality control capabilities, making products to have this thing, no such Dongxi not work. Second, to the end of last year, billions of dollars of software companies have 1,000 home.

Moderator: 984.

Joan Chen: scale as before, of course, smaller or more, we have such a big business, not the number of big problems, but in all fields have their own things inside. This case, to do their own software, and is likely to be successful, the key is to see how well we execute. From this perspective, in particular, wants the state to carry out more effectively support the flowers to the place should be spent. I own management software for so many years, to so much money I am very excited with the now fashionable words not bad money, the key difference is that you have the ability to market to do down the inside can not put our industry to link the various departments, with together to increase our voice. The voice is very important because now the voice is not like the original Microsoft for an operating system is a voice, the voice is not only products, as well as systems, services. Through this to increase our voice and can speak. Without this ability, you have the right to speak also say something and that government support is still very, very critical.

Joan Chen: Nuclear high base special to "drying faster"

Moderator: Many people know the high base our entire nuclear project, five years of planning, investment funds must have a 2,3 billion is huge, many of the software industry are very excited about hearing. Here, too, should also have a question, Mr Secretary issue you mentioned, the money must be spent to place the flowers, and now software companies, especially in the operating system, office software, there are some results, these companies may now high on the nuclear base This project funds the state of mind may have some not on the local, Chen Secretary to the foundation can also provide some suggestions of software vendors?

Joan Chen: Actually you just tell the government to vote so much, now not cast down, to vote is one stage a cast, see the previous results. Why now looks extensive, because a feature of the Chinese people, just say no, we are anxious to dry, dry, then it can not be starting from scratch. Therefore, the current situation, we stress one must be quick-drying. Therefore, in this area was the open tendering, bid evaluation, we compare, but then again, I asked them higher, and finally look at how to acceptance and sustained investment. Involves continuous investment because the original only concerned with the operating system, but also overseas expansion, there is a corresponding middleware, middleware systematic middleware, as well as individual applications, middleware, development of the database is true, the database is the future fully universal database, or a database field, the program should become finer, the strength of various industries play. As a government, it is now the key is the software services industry Ministry of Industry and head of the Division has no overall plan and the general idea, but the planning and thinking is very, very important. We are in the whole development process, one we started in the leadership Lingdao target is clear, and the target of a Jieduan how to achieve a stage yes, what role, and now looks Zhegezuofa or on the. That is so because the rapid development of software industry, from 10,20 million in 92 years, now more than 7000 billion to a trillion next year, I believe the government's input is wrong. More importantly, there is one, and I want to say where the financial crisis, the software industry as long as invigorating, and can increase the number of new job opportunities, because the software industry is and the various manufacturing, service connections, these positions is gradually provided by us is created, it provides many new employment opportunities. Inside of future software company, and if all do a lot of services, not the software in your company, may be sent to users to do the scene. Therefore, the company seems not very many people, but a lot are at the scene, this is true and the user, the customer together. The traditional telling, we had about the deepening process, such as food, processed flour, processed food, processed dumplings gradually deepened, processing and utilization of information resources is also deepening, deepening the process can generate new software, new hardware and new systems, new services, many services now than in the previous information in society is not, Sina so many people, precisely because society to information, it is inevitable, but how come these positions? that information out. Why can increase these positions? Software played an important role, which is a key.

Now use 3G, let you use cell phones came out, with the problem involves software, services, payment of the problem, the software more and more indispensable in the middle of life. May be several years later, not the entire software industry, software, into various places on everywhere all the. By this time, we engage in the software industry were also completed our mission. If you do not to this, there are many way to go, we really want to integrate into the future, not the software tool, the real owner or a lot of customers, increase job opportunities in his new side. I now hope that those people who trade actively outsourcing these services out, as many units they do not run a canteen, a catering company contracted to do professional, this is the future. Software development may be more forward, the more specialized needs, the development process in the software industry I appreciate deeply. Software industry to move on, the community must, society can develop software with this condition do not have the development of this condition can not. Therefore, I based on our software to be full of confidence because the minds of the Chinese people and China's current economic base, should be able to support and strengthen the software industry.

Moderator: Mr Secretary just talked about the development of nuclear high base should now be faster, quick-drying, from the most recent information we disclosed, the list of nuclear high base bid will be announced at the end of this month, might actually want to start up this project the. There is a problem, the tide of the Internet is fierce, the software industry before we talk a lot, also facing the software items of service restructuring. To office software, for example, both Microsoft Office so that there are new documents such as GG, internet-based office software services. How do we change in this industry, we now have to develop basic software, how to change an industry in such circumstances, the development of basic software that allows us to keep up with the tide, or to have a new high ground, rather than software that we have done now as in 2000 to Microsoft, but Microsoft has come up in 2010.

Joan Chen: You asked this question very well, very critical, we are today nuclear Gao-based infrastructure software, is not about Microsoft's software, made yesterday, but is now let you start, but I have to take into account new areas, particularly the Internet, 3G, your operating system must be to adapt to its needs. Computer translation of the older generation did not do well then, when there is controversy, it was called a computer, it was called the computer, but in fact people still call the computer actually did not see the prospect of it was called like a computer, software is now also in this state. So, I say software is not out this version of Windows or Linux now do, there's the first step is to first do this, because you can not eat a fat one, after all, the continuous development of technology in the future, voice computing, one on the Internet, software security issues have to be in the basic software requirements, the requirements are very, very high, if you want to succeed, but also the basis for a corresponding development of the industry, that is, the Internet, including the development of Sina, the basis of the domestic software development should place great burden, if it is not, I could not either. Because 3G Ye Hao, the Internet, do not look at the United States, in fact, the application can speak Chinese world-class, why do we have these products, the software is not world class? Future triple-play issues, in particular the application of the current 3G, in fact, for us is very, very good opportunity. Let us not forget that this time we have to explore new areas and new markets. So I do not do the product yesterday, and now we must do is use today, but also on tomorrow. Only in this way to my products has gradually begun to take the development of, or your product always sounds like a stress localization inferior than the others, behind first class, no, we will certainly talk about the localization means that the service you have given me better I work more with you the same mind, that is beneficial for our integration. So now the media out of new areas, is gradually as the project depth, these things must be strengthened, and that the software industry, new areas, new applications, especially content must converge.

Moderator: Because of the time, the Secretary talked a lot today, and Chen, chatted industry's past, present, Mr Secretary for so many years has shared his Some Thoughts on the software industry and China's software industry a way out. Thanks to Sina Chen Secretary to do this interview, thank you.

Joan Chen: Thank you for your support of the industry.

Moderator: Thank you.



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